Cake Grocer little kid

One young man that be starves going making for restaurant the ways and it even wolf down food already being ordered. While is that young men eats to come male a little kid hawk cake to that young men, " sir, want to buy cake, sir?"

Kindly juvenile one is eating answers "Are not, i am eating".

That little kid is not despairing with first offer. It offers be juvenile afters cake that finished eating, that young men answers "Not sis, I have am full".

After juvenile it pays to go to cashier and steps out going of cloister booth, cake huckster little kid not gives up by its effort already well-nigh in full day hawk mother brand cake. Maybe this little kid thinks "I try offering this cake to sir that, who knows present make this cake for person at home".

This is one effort which persistent help mother to tack on all the way life close-fitting pasan this. While is previous young men steps out going of that booth cake huckster little kid offers to cake thrice wares.

"sir wants to buy my cake?"

Young men that is on the market become not delicate to refuse one to thrice it, then it issues Rp's money. 1. 500,00 of purse and it gives as almsgiving only.

"This sis my money love, its cake don't I take, just look on this application from me make sister".

Then money that was given by that young men it is fetching and given unto by beggar that asking for. Previous young men off balance, lho this child at shuttlecock money love on the contrary at love to others.

"Why are you give that money, why not you get?"

Cake huckster little kid smiles plain answer, "I have kepted faith with mother at home want to trade off mother brand cake, don't become beggar, and I will pride to go home to house meet mother if mother brand cake be sold out. And money that I gives unto hard-earned effort result mother me. My mother bad blood I become beggar".

Previous young men becomes amazed with voiced word cake huckster little kid that stills weeny for measure a child already have that job ethos "that job is one honour", if she is not success work to hawk cake, it thinks job honour at its mother front have point that insufficiently, and an abstention divides its mother, its child becomes beggar, it wants each it goes home to mother house smile to welcome its arrival and devout mother smile it replies with the best one job and results money.

Then young men previousing to buy up all cake that hawked by little boy, are not because it poor man, are not because it starves but since proprietary principle by that little kid "job is one honour" it will get money if it was working with every consideration.

Hopefully story upon can revive us about mean the importance for job. Are not merely to money one eye... No until our eye become "green" since money until finally forgets what mean the importance for profession pride that we has. As little as whatever that profession, our kalo works sincerely, must will big mean...

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