female mean for male

It who taken from by rib. If The Infinite unites two contrary person its character, therefore that wills be mutually complete.
She is your commensurable helper, don't defy commensurable one. While are contest begin, she is not front with your to defy you, but she will get to be with your to on the alert dorsal while you lie are in front, or shortly back ball while serves a ball it overlooked by you, she who will cover your lack.

She there is to complete one no in male: feel, emotion, kelemahlembutan, suppleness, aesthetical, beauty, womb to bear, take care is things that sometime been looked on bagatelle.. until while you a loss to understand that things, she who will solve part the... so you without realises while going residuary your life... you becomes stronger because present it by the side of you.
If there is creature which really leaves behind, contrast with boy, that is female. If there is creature which feels equal to conquer heart only by one smile, that is female.
It don't need excitement argument of a male... but it needs security surety from it because it there is to be protected … not only physically but also emotion. It blasing to accurate fact, conscientious and logical language one can pass on detail's ala of a male, but the one needs is its attention... soft word … negligible fond expressions... but divides it so matter... making it is safe at elbow you....
Hard stone can abrade to be gone by lithe water, hard male character most neutralizes by female tenderness. Browsing that soft is not easily lodgings by storm be compared with to adjure that big and leafy... as well as in its tenderness there lie tries a fall and robustness that makes it can withstand deep situated whatever.
It is tender is not to be stepped on, browsing that soft will be shaded by robust and leafy tree. If boy thinks about female feel, that sepersekian of its life.... but if female thinks about boy feel, that will confiscate all its life...
Since female is created from male rib, since female is part of male... what do be part of its life, will be part of your life. Its family wills be you new family, Your family is even wills be its family also. Even if it restrains from its family, but tied up emotion to its immanent family because it comes into the world and be raised over there... since them, it becomes as at present.
Its feel to its family, will be part of your feel also... since you and she is one.... she is you that don't preexist.
While are contest begin, she ensure to be at field part that
equal you.
Send away for Moral For male ” 2:
dont trifle away aught Woman looked around by you, respct is its existence, protect her and do ever one women always espouse and fill your life trip clans Boy …
Well that Girl Friend, Woman best friend, Woman job partner, Heart lover, Your girl, Wife, and preferably yan9's Mother all this time pregnant, bear, and breasts feed us.
Female weakness available to complete male's force ” 2. And male 's force ” 2 available to protect female weaknesses...
Send away for Moral For female:
Thank for us which are foredoomed come into the world as female. As smart as whatever female, As great as whatever female, and as strong as whatever female, jan9an has once forget That Kodrat will We as female as have already be created at this earth. Thank on kelmahan's weakness that given by God for female. Since in each female weakness available force who can fill Adam's clan weakness. Boy definitely at describe will ever be become Boss and Counsellor female. That Sunatullah...

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