How to Delete Friendster Account

Maybe you have are fed up with account friendster's existence that you has, or maybe also available miscellaneous that necessitates to shortly erase / delete any kind that gets bearing with you where all the things were kept at friendster, therefore following is make the point to erase friendster that you has that.

1. Log in customarily at friendster by use of enamel and password friendster what do want at delete.

2. After Logs In To Choose setting's Menu whatever available on right corner part on friendster's page you.

3. After emerges new page, see at down section page friendster that, and see attempt and Cancel Account's writing click

4. Then new page appearance, and in here you will ask for to insert friendster's enamel address you, at a swoop password friendster that.

5. To end up your mission in term erases account friendster that intended, please proceed's sign press

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