Politic Means to a boy ( joke)

An elementary school student get homework of its teacher to word POLITICS word meaning. Since haven't understood it, it then asks on its father.

Fathers which want the child gets to think creative then gives explanation, "Well son, father will try to word by imagery, let say your Father is working person for living family, so we call father be investor. Your mother is regulatory financial, so we call it government. We here notice your requirement, so we call you people. Assistant, we insert she goes to within class employ, and your sister that still baby, we call it future. Now thinks up that thing and see if this father explanation you can understand?"

The child then goes to bed while thinking up what say so its father. On midnight, that child is awakened because hear its baby sister cries. It sees its baby sister piss. Then it wends its oldster bedroom and see is its mother be saw wood.
Since doesn't want to arouse its mother, therefore it goes to assistant room. Since door is keyed, therefore it then peeking through keyhole and sees its father at one's post lie with its assistant.

Finally it gives up and return to bed, while says inwardly that it has understood POLITICS mean.
Its morning, before departed goes to the school work task that gave by its teacher and writing on its task book: 'Politics is thing whereabouts Investors sleeps brazes Employ, meanwhile asleep Government falls asleep, People is ignored and Future lies in condition which afflict."

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