Value Of Life

A galaxy collegiate one university has already well-established deep career each flock and visit professor their campus already old. Impending gab and aiming on complaint about stress at talks shop and their life.

Offering its guest coffees, professor goes to kitchen and back to with big portion contains coffee and type sort cup of porcelain, plastic, crystal glass, ordinary glass, severally among those expensive glass and many another are so beautiful, and saying on former its college student to decant alone its coffee.

After all its college student gets one coffee cup on-hand, professor that says: "If you notice, all cup which is beautiful and precious be taken, one that drops behind only ordinary glass and cheap only. Even normal for you to want just the best one for yourselves, but actually that is that as problem source and stress what does you experience."

Ensure that that cup is alone not regard coffee quality. In most cases, that just more expensive and in a few case, even hides what do we drink.
What do you want actually be coffee, not its cup, but you are ala are aware take best cup and then beginning paying attention others cup.

Now looking at it:
our heart ridicules coffee, meanwhile work, money and position is its cup. Oft because concentrate at only cup, we fail to enjoy coffee that God provide to divide we.

Life truthfully is your heart.
Do you perceive are happy and peace? Do you love and loved by family, you and your friend? Don't you think deteriorate about others and be not easily anger?
Are you patient, clement, get happiness because truth, respectably and not selfish?

Just heart you and God what do know. But if you want to enjoy coffee and are not its cup, things that don't animate it shall more restrain you to weigh animate things as work, money and your position!

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