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HP 081210999347 Adventure Ranoh Beach Island Pulau Abang Pantai Batam Promotion Kepri

WA 081210999347 Adventure Ranoh Beach Island Pulau Abang Pantai Batam Kepri
WA 081210999347 Adventure Ranoh Beach Island Pulau Abang Pantai Batam Kepri



New Tourism-Based Tourist Destination and Luxury Water Sport in Batam, 45 Minutes Away From Bridge Port 6?
office address: Ruko Kepri Mall no. 26 Side ATM Center (Modelux Digital Network)

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Rano beach is considered as the most beautiful beach in Batam City, Wonderful Riau Islands
Rano Island is a beautiful island still in the cluster of Abang Island, Batam.
The island has a shady beach that jutted into the sea and formed a small peninsula into the deep sea with clear and calm sea water.
This island will spoil the eyes of anyone who saw it.
Coconut trees also grow a lot in the coastal plains, ideal for playing hammocks and camping.
And most important is the clean beach is perfect for a family vacation spot.
Children can bathe as much as there and certainly safe because the water is not too deep in the beach

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WA 081210999347 Adventure Ranoh Island Beach
Adventure Island Ranoh Abang Batam Beach Kepri

WA 081210999347 Adventure Ranoh Beach Island Pulau Abang Pantai Batam Kepri
WA 081210999347 Adventure Ranoh Beach Island Pulau Abang Pantai Batam Kepri
In Batam, there are not many white sand beaches, not so much the sea is choppy, even the ripple is very calm. Then there's a great place to snorkel. However, On Rano Island, there is white sand that is so clean. Most people do not really know Rano Island, but if you've heard the name of Abang Island, then not far from snorkeling tours on the island of Rano.

Rano Island is not so vast, and this island when viewed is just like the formation of land that pokes from the seabed to the surface of the sea. Although small but this island attracts so many tourists to visit. Because, the place is comfortable and the water is clear to make the tourists tempted to enjoy this incredible rare scenery.
Rano Island is behind the popularity of Abang Island. Because most people when to Rano Island will call it to Abang Island. To go to Rano Island, you have to stop first to Abang Island. Then you will hire a boat service that is much on offer at Abang Island. And you should take the offer with a tour package to Palau Rano and Pulau Dedap.

After that you will be facilitated boat services, daily consumption, and also the most eagerly awaited most tourists is underwater photo services. And all that at a cost that suits our pockets. Can be added also with the service for the shuttle from the port to the island.

WA 081210999347 Adventure Ranoh Beach Island Pulau Abang Pantai Batam Kepri
WA 081210999347 Adventure Ranoh Beach Island Pulau Abang Pantai Batam Kepri
The journey from the Port to Rano Island will take about 25 minutes. Arriving there you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the blue sea shimmering. And a lot of beautiful island clusters stunning the eye. Around the beach you will also see a row of fishing boats that complement the beauty of Rano Island.

On the island is also more amazing with the coconut trees that adorn the coastline. After this, you may be addicted to come again. Then much to tell a friend or relative about the beauty of Rano Island.

The place is still beautiful, untouched by many people. Rano Island will usually be skipped when we're traveling around Abang Island. You will see this island from a distance. The island is also a scuba diving spot that attracts tourists. Because the clarity of the water is so clean to some colorful coral reefs.

Not only snorkeling or diving, you can also do all the unique and interesting activities on the island of Rano. Relaxing in the gazebo while enjoying the young coconut also becomes a fun thing for you to do. Fishing is also not going to be boring. Several rows of fishing boats are also a complement to tourism and scenery on this island.

WA 081210999347 Adventure Ranoh Beach Island Pulau Abang Pantai Batam Kepri
WA 081210999347 Adventure Ranoh Beach Island Pulau Abang Pantai Batam Kepri
Places to stay in the homes of people around is also not less interesting. The houses made mostly of wood made you in a different place than usual. Seeing the fishermen who are also looking for fish is also an experience for you who want to enjoy and find out the activities of the surrounding population.

Enjoy also some trips with the tour packages you choose. For those of you who have a good buget you can also choose attractive tour packages with very complete facilities. So the tour was also fun. With a complete package then you also will not pass a tour on the island of Rano.

Package Information

Adventure Ranoh Island and Ranoh Island Adventure

*One Day Trip Adventure Ranoh Island*

081210999347 Adventure Ranoh Island dan Adventure Pulau Ranoh
081210999347 Adventure Ranoh Island dan Adventure Pulau Ranoh

* One Day Trip Adventure Ranoh Island *

* Price list : ( for Indonesian Citizen )*

1. * Adult *: Rp 500.000 / person
2. * Children *
- Age 6 s / d 12 years: Rp.385.000 / child
- Under 6 years: Rp 275.000 / child

*** Foreign Citizen Price - Call or Whatsapp : +62 813-7836-3090 

* Note: *

1. Meeting point: Labun Port, New Galang, Bridge 6 Barelang

2. Transportation can be consulted with our Officer, if you need the services of driver and shuttle car from Batam to Bridge 6

* Included in the package: *

1. Marine transport PP
2. Buffet lunch
3. Young coconut
4. All non-fuel watersport
5. All games and beach facilities

* Free Watersport: *

- Single canoe
- Double canoe
- Inflatable island
- Trendy floating
- Water park
- Snorkeling. Note: it depends on ocean currents.

* Facilities and games *

- Arrow / archery
- Chess and Chinese chess
- Darts
- Mahyong
- Frisbees
- Volleyball and beach football
- Hammocks, beach chairs and umbrellas, and bean bags.
- Restaurant, toilets and showers

* Game price list: *

- Banana Boat: Rp 70.000
- Disco Boat: Rp 90.000
- Water Floating: Rp 90.000
- Crazy UFO: Rp 90.000
- Flying Fish: Rp 170.000
- Mantaray flying Fish: Rp 170.000
- Fishing: Rp 185.000
- Jet ski: Rp 305.000
- Ocean Rafting: IDR 410,000

* Important information: *

1. If any appliance is damaged or lost by the guest, the guest is obliged to replace the appropriate price of the tool which is damaged or eliminated.

2. Guests are expected to bring towels, bath soap and other personal supplies.

3. The repayment of MAXIMAL before H-3 from the specified date, as in Ranoh Island, does not accept cash payment for admission. (if a guest calls H-1, it must pay off to get guest group booking code)

4. After the guest is paid, it will be given the booking code and the phone number of the ship keeper, which can be used when meeting the boat keeper, and check your booking code.

5. Participants provide ID cards to prove their identity as citizens of Indonesia,

If a guest is a Foreign Citizen (Foreign Citizen), then APPLY the price for foreigners. (contact us)

6. Participants or guests, DO NOT take their own food from home. Thank you for your attention.

* Account information: *

- Bank name: BCA
- Account number: 3261747322
- Name of recipient: Akut Wibowo Tri Kristi

Want to ask more details about the one day trip Adventure Ranoh Island package, contact us at:

* Office Address: * Office Kepri Mall no 26A - Side ATM Center

NB: if guests are hesitant to transfer DP and repayment. Please come to our office. Because of us, given the responsibility as an officer for payment or payment TICKETS from Adventure Ranoh Island.

Run Down - Adventure Ranoh Island ( https://visitkepri.com/ )

09.00 Meeting Point Labun Port
09.30 Labun Meeting Point
10.00 Boat sailing to Ranoh Island
10.30 Arrival at Ranoh Island

Package Including :

01. Swimming,
02. Single Canoe,
03. Double Canoe,
04. Inflatable Island,
05. Snorkeling,
06. Trendy Floating,
07. Waterpark,
08. Banana Boat

Facilities :

01. Mahjong,
02. Archery,
03. Chess,
04. Chines Chess,
05. Darting,
06. Hammock,
07. Sun Tent,
08. Baliness Umbrela
09. Volley Beach,
10. Soccer,
11. Bean Bag
12. etc
12.00 Lunch Buffet
13.00 Continue your activity n Relax
15:30 Boat transfer back to Labun Port
end of ittenary Adventure Ranoh Island

Information on Stay at Ranoh Island Adventure


350,000 with breakfast

450,000 with dinner and breakfast

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Telp/WA:081210999347 #visitkepri #kepripromotion . . Regrann from @riauislands . . One Day Trip Adventure Ranoh Island ________________________ ☎081378088585 WA : 081378088585 alamat Kantor : Ruko Kepri Mall no. 26 Samping ATM center,Kepri Mall, Batam _________________________ HARGA : 1. Dewasa: Rp 500.000/orang 2. Anak-anak - Usia 6 s/d 12 tahun: Rp.385.000/anak - Di bawah 6 tahun : Rp 275.000/anak . Note: 1. Peserta minimal 8 orang (bisa bergabung dengan grup lain, bila ada) 2. Meeting point: Pelabuhan PT Pari, Jembatan 6 Barelang .................................. *Termasuk di dalam paket:* 1. Transportasi laut PP 2. Makan siang seafood 3. Guide 4. Semua watersport. 5. Semua permainan dan fasilitas pantai ___________________________ *List Watersport:* - Single canoe - Double canoe - Inflatable island - Trendy floating - Water park - Snorkeling. Note: tergantung arus laut ............................................... *Fasilitas dan permainan* - Panah/archery - Catur dan Chinese chess - Darts - Mahyong - Frisbees - Voli dan sepakbola pantai - Hammock, kursi dan payung pantai, dan bean bag. - Restoran, toilet dan kamar mandi _______________________ *Informasi penting:* 1. Apabila ada alat yang rusak atau hilang karena tamu, tamu wajib untuk mengganti sesuai harga alat yang dirusakkan atau dihilangkan. 2. Tamu diharapkan membawa handuk, sabun mandi dan perlengkapan pribadi lainnya. 3. DP sebesar 50% dari total biaya wajib dibayarkan satu minggu sebelum keberangkatan 4. Apabila tamu cancel, DP yang disetorkan dianggap hangus. 5. DP dapat dibayarkan melalui rekening di bawah ini atau langsung bertemu di kantor . #amazingkepri #jelajahbatam #lagoibay #batam #wisatabatam #pulauranoh #semuatentangbatam #wonderfulbatam #pulauabang #pulaupetong #enjoybatam #opentrip #explorebatam #penjelajahcantik #batamsingapore #tripsingapura #bintan #gurunpasir #tourtravelbatam #opentripkepri #exploreindonesia
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