Perfect Batam Travel Guide (2023 Update) with Insider Tips

Perfect Batam Travel Guide (2023 Update) with Insider Tips

Batam Islands, I have been there for about 14 years, for those of you who don't know, Batam Raya is about 20 kilometers from Singapore.

While it's a city, I'd like to call it a group of islands, the Riau Islands, because that's what makes it even sweeter for a summer vacation.  Like Bali and other Indonesian tourism islands, people visit Batam for its beaches, resorts, spas and ideal tropical weather.

What sets Batam apart is that it is not as big as Bali.  And with its close proximity to Singapore, Batam is cheap to visit by boat and vacation on a budget.  For other travelers, the best option is to visit Singapore and Batam Raya at the same time.  Visiting Batam for 3-4 days makes for a unique trip to taste the refined salt in the air along the beaches.

Top things to do in Batam

There's not much to do in Batam, I'll be honest.  Aside from the many shopping malls, there are few places to visit.  However, they are all must-visits and have unique experiences.  Here are my top things to do in Batam.

Visit Barelang Bridge

The first place to visit is the Barlang Bridge in Batam.  This is no way Batam travel guide It is complete without it.  The bridge, which is supported by large cables on both sides, is one of the most beautiful sights in Batam.  This main bridge shows the first of the 7 bridges that connect the islands the poor And Eclipse.

Avoid visiting on weekends and evenings.  The evenings are crowded here, causing a lot of traffic jams.

Corn and coconut near the bridgeJust after the bridge is a series of street stalls offering hot corn and coconut water.  Coconut water can be found elsewhere, but roasted corn is a must try here.  The place is smoky and smoky, but the corn has a different flavor, making it worth the wait.

Crazy about water sports

This goes out to the adventurers out there, there are water sports in Batam. Cheap.  I've seen jet ski and banana boat prices skyrocket in Singapore and even Bali.  But it is relatively cheap in Batam.  In addition, there is a lot to be found here – water skiing, kneeboarding, kayaking, paragliding, hoverboarding or cable skiing.

The most popular places for water sports in Batam are Harris Resort (Sekupang), Batam View Beach Resorts (Nongsa), Turi Beach Resorts (Nongsa) and KTM Resort (Sekupang).  For some water sports like cable skiing – the waterfront town in Sekupang is a great option.  For Snorkeling, Abang Island should be the place to go in Batam.

Snorkel in Abang Island

This is a tour program hosted by the residents of Abang Island in Galang District, Riau Islands, far from Batam City.  Snorkeling here is a competitive experience that no amount of money can buy.  Corals and different species of fish under your nose, clear waters are the stuff of the world.

It's usually a 1-day or 2-day trip to Abang Island where you stay at a local guesthouse and have meals.  The fun starts early in the morning as they take you to the nearby reefs in Abang Island and Petong Islands.

Apart from snorkeling, here you will get a great experience of staying with the locals and understanding their cuisine.  Read my personal Abang Island experience here.

Visit the Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya temple

This is one of the few Buddhist temples in Batam, which makes for a beautiful place with huge Buddha statues both inside and outside the temple.  No matter how noisy it is outside, the inside of the temple is always very calm.

I recommend trying the food here at the end of the temple where everything is and still is vegetarian. last one.

Try Nasi Padang, Satay (BBQ) and Mie Goreng

Nasi Padang is not a separate dish with a distinct taste.  It's steamed rice served with your choice of pre-made sides.  Traditionally, plates with different choices are piled up in a beautiful arrangement.  There are many nasi padang places in Batam, as in most parts of Indonesia.  But I go to very simple restaurants.

Satay (or satay as they say) is another Indonesian dish where the meat is grilled, seasoned and served with a spicy sauce.  The meat is cut into small pieces and served on wood.  There are many places to try satay in Batam.

Last but not least is the Mie Goreng (fried noodles with vegetables and a side of your choice).  You can even buy mie goreng as instant noodles (Indomie) from any supermarket.

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Eat seafood at Golden Prawn and Seafood Love Restaurant

Seafood is a must when visiting Indonesia.  Although seafood is available in many places, it is relatively cheaper here for the same type and delicious food than in touristy places in Indonesia!  It is usually served fresh along with the most popular seafood places on the coast.  For crabs, you can even pick your own out of the water!

At that time, Golden Prawn 933 Bengkong was the most authentic seafood place in coastal Batam and is still among the most popular.  But many have gone for tourism - some of the love are Seafood Tanjung Pyu, Sit Rasa in Galang, Sei Inam and of course - Barelang Seafood.

However, here is a breakdown on all the seafood places in Batam.

Look at the Vietnam camp

For history buffs, this is a must-visit place in Galang district.  Drive around the camp - the entrance fee is negligible (around IDR 35,000).  During the civil war in Vietnam in 1975, people were gathered in groups and emigrated by boat.  Some people did it, many died on the way.  The survivors washed up on the shores of several islands in Indonesia - one of them being Galang.

The United Nations has designated Galang as a Vietnamese refugee camp - also called a Vietnamese village.  If you drive around the camp today, the area is mostly forested, but you'll find buildings, hospitals, and cemeteries from the camp's days.

Relax at Nongsa Point, KTM Resorts, Kiki Beach

What's more relaxing than a spa?  Resort… and Batam has a lot!  Although there are many skyscrapers for hotels, if you want to relax, I recommend choosing a beach resort - private chalets overlooking the beach.  Some of the best of all time are Nongsa Point Marina Resort, Harris Resorts, KTM Resorts and Turi Beach.

The newest addition is the Kiki Beach Resort.  I recently visited the place and it was amazing!

Anyway, for budget travel, there are so many options as well.  Fun fact, budget accommodation at Oyo or RedDoorz only costs between SGD $6-10.  Sure, there's nothing quite like resorts - but it's great for backpackers!

Go shopping, clubbing and live music

Apart from the resort, the water activities and the rides, the rest is shopping!  Here you will get quality service at affordable prices.  Singaporeans come to Batam with suitcases full of clothes - just to fix their laundry!  Keep a day or more to shop in Batam.  It has big shopping malls like Mega Mall, Grand Batam, Nagoya, Batam City Square (famous BCS) and Batam One.

And some of these malls have bars and live music.  Although many of the locals don't speak English, they sing English songs on the live music streets!  It's amazing because sometimes when you ask them what the meaning of the song is, they say, 'No, no.'  It looks great.'

It ends all the things that are done on it Batam travel guide.  But keep reading for insider tips - it'll be worth it!

by ferry

The cheapest option from Singapore and Malaysia is via ferry.  From Singapore, the only ferry ports are Harbor Front (near the cruise point) and Tanah Merah.  Go to Batam via Batam Center Ferry Terminal, Harbor Bay, Sekupang, Marina Waterfront, or Nongsapura.

Harbourfront Center, Singapore is a much larger harbor than Tanah Merah.  Since these are only a few ports, there are many ferries to choose from.  Some of them are. Sindoferi, Batam fast, WaveMaster, Horizon Ferry And Magnificent.  Different ferries have their own timetables and most depart around hourly intervals.

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