Exciting experience of visiting Kepri Coral Resort

Exciting experience of visiting Kepri Coral Resort


Exciting experience of visiting Kepri Coral Resort! Enjoy your time with friends at Kepri Coral Resort. Kepri Coral Resort appears to be an attractive tourist destination with various facilities provided.

Some of the facilities available at Kepri Coral Resort include:

Underwater Aquarium:

For those who don't want to go snorkeling, this facility allows visitors to see various types of fish underwater.

Water Sports:

Swimming, snorkeling, or riding a banana boat are favorite activities for participants. Even if you don't swim due to the hot weather, it must still be fun to watch your friends play in the water.


One of the anticipated moments is having lunch with a variety of delicious dishes. The flavor of the seafood tom yum soup you mentioned sounds appetizing.

Mangrove Forest:

Kepri Coral Resort has a vast mangrove forest, equipped with several gazebos for resting. The turtle conservation area is also a special attraction.

Swimming Pool:

There is a large swimming pool for those who want to swim in fresh water.

In addition, Kepri Coral Resort also provides accommodations for visitors who want to spend more time there. Dome Village, with its unique buildings, and the Pengalap ship are accommodation options that you can choose, and there is also a Villa that can be a choice for staying with family. The prices vary depending on the room type and the age of the visitors, allowing each visitor to adjust according to their budget.

I hope you and your friends enjoy your trip to Kepri Coral Resort and plan to return by staying overnight to have more time to enjoy the facilities and its beauty. May your next visit be an unforgettable experience!

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